( k r e k - k w e l l )
My name is Vivek, and I am a technology strategist, relationship builder, business analyst, web developer, and more. I like bringing my skills to roles where I can flex my technical background, lean on my ability to communicate with a variety of audiences, and leverage my business acumen. I enjoy forging partnerships, solution architecture, business development, business process analysis, requirements gathering, and building interesting web sites and web apps. I speak PHP, JavaScript, Drupal, SQL, XML/XSLT, and many other programming languages, content management systems, and databases. I also converse in Photoshop and other design tools. While I am not loyal to any particular technology set, I am loyal to elegant solutions, and am comfortable using whichever tool is right for the job.

I am currently employed by Spredfast, and also do a limited amount of freelance work.
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