( k r e k - k w e l l )

Being trilingual in technology, design, and business makes me uniquely suited to conceiving and managing user-centric products, leading cross-functional teams, and breaking down communication barriers. My strengths include:

If you need someone to help your organization or your clients make sense of their pain points, and then have the diligence to acquire the needed domain knowledge, uncover the possibilities, and help chart the best path forward, I'm your guy.

Being a technologist at heart, it is second nature for me to hone in on the root cause of a problem, and break it down into components. This approach is as effective for solving strategic, marketing, sales, product, and process problems, as it is for honing technical architecture.

I'm a proactive communicator who delights in bringing conversations together by breaking down communication barriers between design, development, sales, and executive teams. Whether you need someone to facilitate an effective meeting, or to make sure that "dev speak" is translated for non technical audiences, my ability to drive understanding bridges knowledge gaps.

TL;DR: I keep the customer in mind like a designer, break down a problem like a developer, and lead with openness and empathy.

I am currently employed by Khoros.
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